5 Best Hiking Shorts For Big Thighs

Updated on: December 2023

Best Hiking Shorts For Big Thighs in 2023

BALEAF Women's 8" High Waist Workout Yoga Shorts Tummy Control Running Shorts Side Pockets Navy Blue Size XXL

BALEAF Women's 8
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy fabric provides complete coverage
  • High-rise, wide waistband for no muffin top and maximum coverage while bending and stretching
  • Big side pockets are available for 4",4.7",5",5.5" Mobile Phone
  • Longer inseam to provide ample coverage as you move from pose to pose and prevent thighs from rubbing
  • Gusseted crotch for greater freedom of movement. Chafe-free and ergonomic seams for a natural range of motion

Goodthreads Men's 5" Inseam Flat-Front Stretch Chino Shorts, -black, 33

Goodthreads Men's 5
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Made with cotton stretch twill- this casual, flat-front, essential chino short is ready to pair with all your wardrobe favorites
  • Front slant pockets, button-through back pockets
  • Zip fly with button closure
  • 5-Inch inseam
  • All Goodthreads shorts come in 5, 7, 9 and 11-inch inseam choices
  • Model is 6'2" and wearing a size 32

Little Donkey Andy Women's Stretch Quick Dry Cargo Shorts for Hiking, Camping, Travel Steel Gray Size M

Little Donkey Andy Women's Stretch Quick Dry Cargo Shorts for Hiking, Camping, Travel Steel Gray Size M
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • Stretch Fabric - Lightweight, 4-Way stretch fabric for enhanced movement and comfort.
  • Qiuck Dry - Water repellent finish dries quickly to stay dry.
  • UPF 50+ protects you from UV ray.
  • Part elastic waistband with belt loops for adjustability.
  • Side zipper pockets; Rear zipped pocket. Inseam length: Approx. 8 - 9 in.

Emprella Slip Shorts 3-Pack Black Bike Shorts Cotton Spandex Stretch Boyshorts For Yoga,Black,Small

Emprella Slip Shorts  3-Pack Black Bike Shorts  Cotton Spandex Stretch Boyshorts For Yoga,Black,Small
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • Slighty sheer fabric
  • Smooth coverage under clothing
  • PERFECT SOLUTION: Perfect for under dresses, skirts and pants. Emprella Slip Shorts/ Bike Shorts help eliminate chafing and keep you cool
  • Triangle back construction for increased range of motion. Excellent for an Active life including: Yoga, Running, Pliates, Cycling, Gym and Running after the kids
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Emprella underwear are backed by a 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. We love you too :)

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Short Tummy Control Workout Running 4 Way Stretch Yoga Shorts, Black, Large

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Short Tummy Control Workout Running 4 Way Stretch Yoga Shorts, Black, Large
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
  • Choose between solid, Hearher You decide what's best for you. You're covered by our 100% full money-back guarantee.
  • If you don't love our products, simply return them without question within 30 days. Select your favorite color and ""Add to Cart"" now.
  • Using 4 way Stretch & Non See-through Fabric. Perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout, or everyday use. ODODOS RePower Flex Yoga Shorts combine fashion, function and performance.
  • These ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Shorts for women are made from the highest quality fabrics designed to remove moisture from your body, providing maximum comfort.
  • Fabric is designed to contour perfectly to your body, giving you a streamlined look.

A Stress Dream, or a Prophecy?

Do you have dreams that happen? Do you have dreams about people, and it discover later that they were thiking about you intensely at that time? I have an example or two Here is one.

I am not a psychic. I am unable to guess what is on the other side of a card that is being held up, facing away from me. I cannot read your mind, tell your future or tell you which horse to bet on to win. To paraphrase Mercedes Lackey, I am not the Grand Poobah of the occult. Okay, I just wanted to get that disclaimer in there. What I am writing about today is prophetic dreams, or dreams that in some way give an indication that something major is happening.

Now I could write a huge dissertation on things like gut instincts, hunches, weird feelings, and other expressions that people use when they are basically receiving a message, signal or warning. People use those phrases as a way of rationalizing what cannot be explained with cold, clear logic because they just do not want to sound like they are nuts. However, the truth is that we all have them, whether we admit it, recognize it or not. Sometimes, we even dream them.

On April 21, 1996, my family's home and neighbhood was completely destroyed by a rather large tornado. In fact, it did damage across two states and several towns, but my parents' home was decimated. This is not the part of the story that concerns the dream, but it has to do with events leading up to it. I will never forget it. I could give you all the details of where everyone was and how close I came to losing my parents and my younger sister. As you can imagine, no words of comfort would suffice. I had to hold them in my arms before everything would be okay,

Instead of going on regarding the hellish first day, and that first night in hotel that I do not remember to this day, or where I stayed until one of the doctors who worked with my mother and owned an apartment building offered us the use of the mother-in-law apartment that was a small one-bedroom, one bath. I was 20, and my younger sister was 17, at the time, so we stayed there. My older sister had her own apartment, and my parents stayed at the hotel until they found a place for us to live.

Now, my boss at the time was a a rather unpleasant woman. The company was great and really went above and beyond. However, she was very hateful when I arranged to be off for the regularly scheduled weekdays to go up to the remains to our home and salvage what we could. I was going to come in and work my weekend hours, as always. This was just a lady who was just determined to be difficult.

Now, by going back to work on that Saturday, I was going to be bailing on my family and a large group of people who were volunteering to come help clean up the trees and other debris from my family's yard. I felt badly about this, but I had a good reason to fear for my job if I did not go back to work. I illustrate the tornado issues and the work issues to explain the stress that I was under.

I woke a couple hours before my alarm went of with my heart thundering so loud that I could actualy hear it. I'd had a really horrible nightmare. What I remember most was being so frightened and helpless to stop what was happening. Something was coming after me, and I could not let it catch me. I just kew the touch of his hand, simply the touch of it would be the end of my life. Before he could touch me, I awoke.

Since there was no way I was going back to sleep after that dream, I decided to get up and get ready for work. It was not the usual chore, since I had no make-up, and I had very little clothing from which to choose at the time. I arrived at work early enough to pick up a few things that my sister and I would be needing and to talk to my coworkers about what all had been happening, since I had barely seen or spoken with them since the tornado.

As I was talking with them, I felt a hand at my waist, and I turned to see my mother, who should have been with the clean-up crew, Something in her face warned me, but nothing could prepare me for the words she spoke. She told me very quickly and gently that one of my closest friends, who was the fiance of another of my closest friends had passed away early that morning from complications after a bone marrow transplant to try to help with his leukemia.

I won't go into the grief and heartbreak of losing a friend was I experiencing it with him? Believe me, I am not an early riser, so it takes a lot to get me out of bed before I have to be. However, something was different about this one. I guess, I just put it down to the trauma from the tornado.

The thing I hold closest to my heart is that the night of the tornado, while I was on the phone with his fiance, I could hear him in the background, repeatedly asking if all of us were alright. When she was able to reassure him that we were, he said to tell me he loved me. Of course, I replied to make sure to give him a hug and a kiss from me and to tell him that I loved him, too. For that, I will always be so grateful.

This is my first experience with a dream that was an indication to me that something was happening to somebody close to me that I can remember. This is probably because it had such grief and loss with it. It's been seventeen years, but it is still so vivid to me. I've had other vivid dreams that I can't tie to an event, but this one seemed important because it was one that occurred while he was dying.

Have you had dreams like this? Have you been visited in your dreams by somebody who has already passed on that was so real to you that you smell their scent, feel their skin and the texture of their hair? I would love to tell your story, in your voice, or I will even change it enough to make sure that you do not have to your personal business aired online. I will pay attention, and I will believe.

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